We all love diving, the underwater world, and the Caribbean lifestyle. We come from all over and each of us brings something different to the team. Together, we are the BDC family.

'Momo' Veghazi / Head Instructor

'Momo' (Guillermo) is BDC's training and operations manager. Originally from Argentina, he trained in Colombia, Panama, Spain and Mexico. He spent years diving in Cozumel, Dominican Republic and the Mediterranean Sea. He fell in love with the underwater world on his first dive, and now Momo brings all his passion and experience to BDC. He is also an amateur underwater photographer and is known for his ability to find sea horses (Some call him the sea-horse whisperer). Momo teaches in English and Spanish.

Benjamin / Captain

Benjamin was born on the Pacific coast of Panama and is like a fish in the water. When he is not in the water, he loves to ride horses. Benjamin is always smiling and has a lot of good stories to tell. He believes that the sea is the best cure for most of life’s problems.


Ana / Divemaster

Ana was born and raised in Spain. She learned how to scuba dive in 2008 and spent several years traveling around the world, diving off the coasts of places like Mozambique, Australia, and Belize. Passionate about animals and nature, Ana loves diving. She can guide you to the best dive spots in Bocas and is happy to point out the many different species of marine life found in this part of the Caribbean.

Bruce - instructor

Bruce / Scuba Instructor

As someone born and raised below sea level, it's only natural that you can find Bruce with a scubatank on his back. Bruce studied marine biology at the University of Amsterdam, but after his studies he decided to move to the tropics to follow his passion: scubadiving! He dove the murky waters of the Netherlands, Belgium and Costa Rica and the beautiful blue waters of the island of Curaçao. Now he is excited to be back in the Caribbean to work at Bocas Dive Center as an instructor. Bruce teaches in English and Dutch.

Joaquin / Freediving & Scuba instructor

Joaquin is Bocas Dive Center freediving and scuba diving instructor. Originally from “Andalusia”, he is a traveller and dove in Honduras, Malaysia, Philippine… Always helpful and enthusiastic, Joaquin will share his passion with you. Joaquin teaches in Spanish and English.


Gadi Cohen / Owner / Scuba Instructor

Scuba Instructor Gadi Cohen fell in love with the easy logistics, simple access, tranquil weather, and unique culture of Bocas. He transformed a small dive center into a PADI 5 star world-class professional dive academy. He spearheaded renovations, hired top-notch instructors, built specially-designed boats and a state-of-the-art boutique hotel. Gadi and his staff provide a high quality, exhilarating diving experience, and have trained over 4000 divers of all levels. 

Charlie / Captain & Divemaster

Charlie was born and raised in Bocas, and knows everything to see both above and below the water. Before joining the BDC team, he worked for the Smithsonian marine biologists who research and photograph our beautiful, fragile reefs. With over a thousand logged dives, Charlie is one of (if not) the only boat captains who is also a Divemaster.

Alexis / Scuba Instructor

Alexis, a relatively new member of the team, is 100% Bocatoreño, a former student of Bocas Dive Center, and one of the most experienced diver in the area. He likes water sports and is a marvelous dancer, but he is passionate about diving and loves being underwater! Alexis teaches in Spanish and English.

Yorhani Torres / Front desk

Yorhani is a 100% Bocatoreñian girl, born and raised in this beautiful Colon Island paradise. She is the “google” of Bocas Dive Center and up to date on everything happening in Bocas. Always smiling and positive, Yorhani crushes it at the front desk and shines at divemaster snorkel test parties.  


Freddie / Captain

Captain Freddie is a local legend. An extremely capable boat captain, Freddie is known for his trademark phrases 'todo pretty' and 'todo cool'. He enjoys setting the vibe on the boat with a mix of Latin and Reggaeton music. Freddie speaks Panamanian.