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Try diving today! Start diving in 30 minutes before committing to the full course. During the experience you will learn how to use SCUBA gear and dive down to 12 metres/40 feet with an instructor alongside.

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If you've never been diving before now is the time to give it a go. You'll be amazed what you can see underwater. For some people, it's the beautiful reefs and marine life, for others it's just the experience of being weightless and breathing under water. Whatever it is for you, today is the day to try diving. Always guided by one of our instructors, the Discover Scuba Diving experience is safe, exciting, and probably the best thing you'll do in Bocas.

Minimum age: 8 years old*
Duration: Half day
Experience: None
*8-10 year olds can do the Bubblemaker experience (depth restriction of 2 metres)