More air. More comfortable. More freedom. Sidemount is a really enjoyable way to dive. Instead of carrying heavy cylinders on your back, simply clip on tanks in the water and enjoy long dives. Read more about the benefits of sidemount.

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Advantages of Sidemount:

Comfort: Divers find Sidemount much more flexible and comfortable as you don't have a tank on your back. You also gear up in the water meaning you don't have to carry around tanks on land.

Streamlining: The Sidemount setup is much more streamlined than the traditional backmount setup. This makes diving seem effortless.

Safety: With 2 independent tanks and 2 regulators, you become your own backup. This is especially important for deep dives or more advanced environments (such as wreck diving)

Minimum age: 15 years old

Duration: 2 days

Experience: Advanced Open Water