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Surfing is one of the World’s most demanding activities. Bocas del Toro is a known place by surfers to go surfing. The warm, crystal blue water and the ambiance of the Caribbean Sea can be enjoyed by any surfers.

No matter what level in surfing you have, no matter what waves you surf, you could benefit from learning how to improve your breath-hold and core strength.

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At Bocas Dive Center, we offer 1 or 2 days Surf Survival programs which adapt depending of your time and your needs.

Description of the course:

1 DAY :

  • Theory sessions

  • Breathing Techniques

  • Dry statics

  • Water statics

  • Ear equalisation

  • CO2 static training

  • 3 waves hold down simulation

  • Rescue skills

  • Apnea walking

2 DAY:

  • Theory sessions

  • Dynamic swimming

  • Dynamic “Stone” walking

  • O2 and CO2 tables

  • Rescue skills at depth

  • Full lung stretch

  • CPR

After finishing the 1 or 2 days Surf Survival programs, you will be able to get the PADI Freediver certification by completing a full free diving training day. It will include the theory of Freediving, 2 deep sessions training, 1 dynamic with fins and final exam 5. After the 1 day Surf Survival, if you would like to update to the free diver course, you will have to count $175 more and $140, after the 2 day Surf Survival.