If you’ve always wanted to enter the underwater world quietly, on your own terms, staying as long as your breath allows you to, then freediving is definitely for you!

Frneediving is about inward power, discipline and control. Taking the PADI Freediver course is a great way to explore beneath the surface - without bubbles!!

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To enroll in a PADI Freediver course, you must be at least 15 years old. Adequate swimming skills and good physical health are recommended. No prior experience with snorkelling, skin diving or freediving is needed.

Course content:

The PADI Freediver Course contains 3 parts.

  • Knowledge development: During the Knowledge development with your instructor, you will learn about the freediving theory (breath holding, security, equipment…).

  • Confined water sessions: You will practice 2 different exercices - Static apnea and Dynamic apnea - in our protected area. You will discover breathing techniques to be to hold your breath while floating and while swimming. you will also practice basic rescue techniques and learn your role as a freediving buddy.

  • Open water sessions: During the 2 open water sessions of the course, you will practice techniques to dive down to 16 meters in one breath. You will discover 2 types of descent: free immersion or constant weight. Rescue practice will be an other key part of the open water sessions.

This course allows you to gradually increase your depth by relaxing and enjoying each dive in a safe environment.