This is an intense course aiming to improve your freediving skills, in this course you will practice static apnea, exhale diving and deep diving. You will learn to dive down to 40 metres using advanced freediving techniques. 

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First Day is Static Apnea Workshop in which you will be able to reach a breath-hold of over 3 minutes, second day is dedicated to exhale diving; you will experience the freefall and prepare your body for deep-diving and last day is your time to go deeper! This course includes 3 theory sessions, 1 pool session & 2 open water sessions. You will learn about the Mammalian Diving Reflexes, Static Breath-hold, Deep equalization, Exhale Diving, Deep Diving, Free Fall, Visualization techniques, Stretching & Breathing exercises to prepare for deeper dives & more.

Minimum age:
Duration: 3 days
Experience: Freediver